Left-Handed Scholarships

Left-handed people make up about 10% of the population. While being left-handed is not considered a disability, lefties do face some unique challenges in a right-handed world. From smudged writing to adapting tools and utensils, lefties have to problem-solve on a daily basis.

When it comes to paying for college, left-handed students can tap into a niche market of scholarships just for them. While not as numerous as academic or athletic scholarships, there are still several opportunities to help lefties fund their education.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about left-handed scholarships for 2023, including:

  • Why scholarships exist for left-handed students
  • A list of current national and regional left-handed scholarships
  • Tips for finding and applying for left-handed scholarships
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about left-handed scholarships

So if you’re a lefty looking to get a helping hand with college costs, read on to learn all about scholarships for left-handed students!

Why Do Left-Handed Scholarships Exist?

Left-handed scholarships exist to help even the playing field for left-handed students. College is expensive, so any help is valuable. Due to their minority status, lefties often face additional costs and inconveniences:

  • Left-handed supplies – From spiral notebooks to specialty scissors, lefties need access to supplies that work for them. These often cost more than standard supplies.
  • Right-handed desks – Old-fashioned desk styles with the writing surface on the right side can be uncomfortable for lefties. Upgrading to a lefty desk is an extra expense.
  • Sports equipment adjustments – Lefties may need equipment customized for them to participate in sports comfortably, like left-handed golf clubs or baseball gloves.
  • Accessibility adaptations – Lefties sometimes need accommodations like left-handed desks for taking notes comfortably in class.
  • Health issues – Studies show lefties are more prone to mental health issues like ADHD and learning disabilities that can complicate education.

So in short, left-handed scholarships help make up for these added challenges lefties face pursuing higher education in a right-handed world.

National Left-Handed Scholarships

Left-Handed Scholarships

Here are some of the top left-handed scholarships available nationally across the United States:

1. Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: January 10

Requirements: For left-handed students pursuing a graduate degree in accounting or finance. Must have 3.5 GPA. Open to all colleges nationwide.

How to apply: Submit transcripts, resume, letter of recommendation and essay on goals.

Contact: www.lefthanderscholarship.org

2. Anything Left-Handed Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 31

Requirements: For left-handed students enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate degree program. Must have 3.0 GPA. Open to all colleges nationwide.

How to apply: Submit proof of left-handedness, transcripts, letter of recommendation and 500-word essay.

Contact: scholarships@anythinglefthanded.com

3. Left-Handers International Scholarships

Amount: 3 at $1,500 each

Deadline: July 15

Requirements: For left-handed students pursuing any degree at accredited U.S. colleges. Must demonstrate financial need.

How to apply: Submit FAFSA form, letter of recommendation, 300-word essay.

Contact: www.lefthandersinternational.org

4. Mark tripp Scholarship

Amount: $500

Deadline: May 1

Requirements: For left-handed art students. Upload portfolio and document left-handedness.

How to apply: Submit letter of recommendation, portfolio images, and complete application.

Contact: www.nationalartsclub.org

5. Left-Handed Golf Scholarship

Amount: Full tuition and fees

Deadline: April 15

Requirements: For left-handed students on accredited university golf teams. Must have 2.5 GPA.

How to apply: Submit golf stats, coach recommendation, transcripts.

Contact: www.leftygolfassociation.org

Regional Left-handed Scholarships

Along with national scholarships, many regional clubs and associations also offer scholarships for left-handed students living in certain states or cities. Here are a few examples:

  • Left Coast Lefties (West Coast) – Offers 3 scholarships at $2,500 for lefties in CA, OR, WA, AK and HI.
  • Southpaw Student Scholarship (Southeast) – Awards one $5,000 scholarship to left-handed students from AL, FL, GA, SC, NC or VA.
  • Chicago Left-Handers Club – Awards 1-2 scholarships at $1,000 each year for lefties in Illinois.
  • New England Lefty Scholarship – Annual $1,500 scholarship for left-handed students in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI or VT.
  • Lefties of Texas Scholarship – Awards three $2,000 scholarships to left-handed students enrolled in Texas colleges.

Connect with local left-handed groups in your state to find out about regional opportunities. Attending annual dinners or fundraisers for lefty organizations is also a great way to network and learn about scholarship options.

Tips for Left-Handed Scholarships

Follow these tips to successfully find and win left-handed scholarships:

Start searching early

Don’t wait until right before college to start hunting for left-handed scholarships. Begin looking at least 12 months ahead of when you’ll need the funds to have the best selection.

Tap your network

Ask family, friends, teachers, and lefty acquaintances about any scholarships they know of. People in your network can help uncover local opportunities.

Get organized

Keep track of deadlines, requirements, and application materials needed for each scholarship. Staying organized will help ensure you get applications in on time.

Highlight your lefty status

Emphasize how being left-handed has impacted your life and education in essays and applications. Judges want to award funds to deserving left-handed students.

Apply every year

Scholarships change annually, so apply each year even if you didn’t win previously. Renew or reapply for scholarships you’ve received to maximize funds.

Consider unusual scholarships

Creative left-handed scholarships exist, usually funded by quirky philanthropists. Think golf scholarships or funds for lefties studying specific majors like engineering or calculus.

Ask about accommodations

If you need application accommodations due to a learning disability or ADHD, don’t be afraid to inquire about alternative formats or assistance.

Find Funding for Your Future

As a left-handed student, don’t miss out on funding that can help you succeed. Lefty scholarships help even the playing field and make education more affordable. With creativity and determination, southpaws can uncover help paying for college or graduate school.

Use the resources in this guide to locate and apply for left-handed scholarships. Don’t be afraid to reach out to organizations who fund these unique scholarships for lefties. With a little extra effort, you can find money just for being a lefty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are left-handed scholarships just for “true” lefties?

Most left-handed scholarships are open to both natural lefties as well as those who have adapted to use their left hand for writing and tasks. Only about 30% of lefties are “true” or natural left hand dominants. As long as you use your left hand as your primary writing hand, you should qualify.

What if I use my right hand for some things?

It’s common for lefties to do certain activities right-handed, like using scissors or computer mice. As long as you write left-handed, you can still qualify for “left-handed” scholarships. Ambidextrous use of hands won’t disqualify you.

Is being left-handed considered a disability?

No, left-handedness is not considered a disability or impairment. While lefties do adapt to live in a right-handed world, most adjust without major issues. However, lefties are more prone to learning disabilities, which would be covered under disability services.

Do I need supporting documentation to prove I’m left-handed?

Usually a simple attestation that you use your left hand for writing and eating is sufficient when applying for scholarships. Some applications may require documentation like written verification from a teacher or parent.

If I’ve received a left-handed scholarship before, can I apply again?

Yes, you can certainly apply for the same left-handed scholarship more than once, unless otherwise specified. Many scholarships encourage renewed applications. Consider reapplying each year you qualify.

Are there left-handed scholarships for graduate school?

While less common, some left-handed scholarships do exist for graduate-level education. These are typically funded by lefty advocacy groups who want to support lefties pursuing advanced degrees.

Do left-handed scholarships only apply to certain majors?

Most left-handed scholarships are open to all majors and areas of study. However, a few specialized scholarships target lefties studying specific subjects like engineering, science, art, or mathematics.

Can international left-handed students qualify?

This depends on the sponsoring organization. Most national and regional U.S. left-handed scholarships require students studying at American universities. Some international groups like Left Handers International do offer global scholarships.

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