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Studying abroad in Australia is an exciting opportunity to gain a world-class education while experiencing a new culture. The University of Melbourne is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Australia and the world. However, the cost of studying in Australia can be quite high for international students. This is where the Melbourne Research Scholarships come in. These scholarships provide an opportunity for high-achieving international students to fund their postgraduate research at the University of Melbourne.

this post will cover everything you need to know about the Melbourne Research Scholarships, including:

Overview of the Melbourne Research Scholarships

The Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) are prestigious scholarships awarded to high-achieving international students undertaking graduate research at the University of Melbourne. They aim to attract the best and brightest research students from around the world.

The Melbourne Research Scholarships cover three main categories:

  • Master’s by Research Scholarships – For students undertaking a Master’s by research degree
  • PhD Scholarships – For students undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Graduate Research Scholarships – For students undertaking graduate research degree

These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and research potential. They provide an allowance to cover living costs and include tuition fees, health insurance, and more. The duration is up to 2 years for a Master’s degree and up to 4 years for a PhD.

The number of scholarships awarded each year varies based on availability of funds. On average, 300 new students receive a Melbourne Research Scholarship annually across all categories.

Benefits of the Melbourne Research Scholarships

Melbourne Research Scholarships

There are numerous benefits to receiving a Melbourne Research Scholarship for international students:

  • Full tuition fee coverage – The scholarships cover 100% of tuition fees for the duration of your approved program
  • Living allowance – You will receive a tax-free annual stipend for living expenses
  • Overseas Student Health Cover – Health insurance is covered for scholarship recipients
  • Relocation grant – A grant is provided to assist with moving to Melbourne
  • Academic support – You will have access to excellent research facilities and supervision
  • Career development – Opportunities for interdisciplinary research, collaborations, conferences, teaching experience, and more

Overall, the Melbourne Research Scholarships provide comprehensive financial and academic support for international students to succeed in graduate research at a world-class university.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Melbourne Research Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship – You must be an international student with citizenship from countries other than Australia or New Zealand. Unfortunately domestic students are not eligible.
  • Academic qualification – You must have completed or expect to complete an undergraduate degree with a minimum average of 80% from a recognized institution.
  • English proficiency – If English is not your native language, you must meet the English language requirements such as an overall IELTS (or equivalent) score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.
  • Admission status – You must receive an unconditional offer of admission for a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne.
  • Research proposal – You must provide a research proposal outlining your research interests, aims, significance, and methodology.
  • Referee reports – You will need academic or professional referees to assess your research potential and capabilities.
  • Availability – You must be able to take up the scholarship within the calendar year and be enrolled full-time throughout the scholarship.

Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria is essential but does not guarantee a scholarship offer. The selection process is highly competitive.

Application Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the Melbourne Research Scholarships in four steps:

1. Review Application Dates

Scholarship applications open in August each year for commencement the following year. The application deadline is typically end of October. Confirm precise dates on the University website.

2. Submit Online Application

You will need to complete an online application form via the University’s scholarship system. This involves providing personal details, academic history, research proposal, referees, and more.

3. Attach Supporting Documents

Along with the online form, you must provide supporting documents including transcripts, English test results, degree certificates, research proposal, CV, publications, etc.

4. Referee Reports

Ask your nominated academic referees to submit confidential reports online assessing your research capabilities, skills, knowledge, experience, and strengths. Their insights are invaluable.

Be sure to submit a complete application with all required documents prior to the deadline. Late or incomplete applications may not be considered.

Selection Criteria

The Melbourne Research Scholarships are extremely competitive with a typical success rate of around 15-20%. Applications are assessed based on a comprehensive set of selection criteria:

  • Academic achievement – Your grades, awards, honors, prizes, and more demonstrate your academic excellence. Aim for a first-class average.
  • Research potential – Your research proposal, publications, past research experience indicate your potential to succeed in graduate research.
  • Referee reports – Strong support from referees on your skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and research capabilities.
  • Alignment with University – Your research interests must align with the University’s research strengths and priorities. Look at department focus areas.
  • Communication skills – Evidence of verbal communication, presentation abilities, writing skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • International outlook – Demonstrating global perspective, cross-cultural awareness, and openness to studying abroad.

The selection committee looks at the entire application holistically to choose recipients with the strongest potential for research success.

Value of the Melbourne Research Scholarships

The Melbourne Research Scholarships are generous and comprehensive in their support. Here is an overview of the value provided:

  • Living allowance – AUD $30,000 to $40,000 per year (tax free)
  • Relocation grant – Up to AUD $1,000
  • Tuition fees – Full coverage for duration of degree
  • OSHC – Single coverage for health insurance
  • Thesis allowance – Up to AUD $840 for thesis production costs
  • Travel allowance – Economy class airfares for student and dependents to Melbourne (terms apply)

The allowances are indexed each year. Recipients also have access to paid sick, maternity, and parenting leave entitlements.

The scholarships are awarded for the standard program duration – up to 2 years for a Master’s degree and up to 4 years for a PhD. Extensions are only granted under exceptional circumstances.

Conditions and Allowances

Here are some key conditions and allowances to be aware of if you receive a Melbourne Research Scholarship:

  • You must remain enrolled full-time and make satisfactory progress in your degree. Scholarships can be terminated if progress is unsatisfactory.
  • You cannot hold another major scholarship or award concurrently with the Melbourne Research Scholarship.
  • The living allowance is paid in fortnightly instalments over the course of the year. Payments commence from scholarship start date.
  • Living allowances are tax-free in Australia. You do not pay tax on the stipend amount.
  • Relocation and thesis grants are one-off payments made when eligible expenses are incurred.
  • Tuition fees are covered directly – you do not need to pay any fees for your graduate degree.
  • OSHC provides basic health insurance cover. You may want to upgrade to get additional coverage.
  • Travel allowances have terms and conditions around approved fares, stopovers, alternative routes, etc. Review these carefully.

Adhering to all scholarship conditions is essential or you risk termination of your Melbourne Research Scholarship. Be sure to understand and meet the requirements.

Top Questions about Melbourne Research Scholarships Answered

Here are some common FAQs about the Melbourne Research Scholarships:

Can I choose my research area/project?

Yes, these are researcher-driven scholarships. You can propose your own research topic aligned with the University’s research priorities.

When will I be notified of the outcome?

Scholarship outcomes are released around December-January for scholarships commencing the following year.

Can I defer the scholarship start date?

Deferment of up to 12 months may be possible in exceptional circumstances if approved by the University.

Do I need to find a supervisor before applying?

No, you can apply before finding a supervisor. But having a supervisor’s support can strengthen your application.

Can I hold another part-time job?

Generally no – you are expected to focus full-time on your research. Some teaching and research work is allowed.

Can I bring family members?

Yes, approved dependents such as a spouse and children can accompany you to Australia on a student dependent visa.

Am I guaranteed a scholarship if I meet the eligibility?

No, meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee selection. The application process is highly competitive.

How many scholarships are awarded annually?

On average, around 300 new Melbourne Research Scholarships are awarded each year across all categories.

We hope this guide covers everything you need to know about the prestigious Melbourne Research Scholarships! Let us know if you have any other questions. Applying for global scholarships can be complicated, but these opportunities enable you to access a top-class education and achieve your research dreams. Best of luck!

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