Build strong abdominal muscles with this 1-dumbbell Pilates plank workout

If you think you’ve planked the hell out of yourself, this plank workout uses a dumbbell to increase the intensity for each major muscle group.

Peacock Pilates London’s 8-move workout combines planks with upper and lower body exercises like squats, rows and side raises. You’ll hit your core muscles hard and work your arms, shoulders, back, chest, glutes, and legs.

If you currently suffer from shoulder injuries, axes and side axes may be off the table. Check with a qualified medical professional before starting a new exercise regimen and discontinue at any time if pain is felt.

Pilates ab workout: woman in a one-legged forearm plank doing pilates at home on a yoga mat

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To perform this plank exercise, you’ll need a light dumbbell. You can check out the video below for each exercise in more detail. Try to do each move 10-12 times on each side and, as advised by Peacock Pilates London, “focus on quality not quantity”.

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